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ADALL project
This App is an intellectual output (IO2) of the project “Attending Diversity in Adult Language Learning (ADALL)”.

Whats is ADALL ?
Is a project that results from our need as teachers of adult language learners to satisfy the needs of a mixed-ability language class, helping students improve their achievement, thus reducing disparities in learning outcomes.

Our Team embodies the aim that permeates the Project, that is, diversity, because we are a diverse group (language schools, teacher training centres, and NGOs) which, at the same time, share the same necessities and a common goal: to help adult students develop their competence in foreign languages as a way to open doors to employment, training and mobility opportunities in a globalised and especially ever competitive world.

‘We want to work with diversity in a way that can serve any educator (and any student) anywhere in any

The App ADALL contains:
– main Project information, the partners and its aims;
news feed always updated (with photo / video), from website’s project and/or from Social Channels of the project (Facebook and Twitter);
– show project’s video channel from Youtube;
Brief information on EU and make it possible to bring people closer to the main European institutions, as well as developing their sense of European citizenship and identity. It also contains a brief description of the opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ program.

ADALL is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

You can download the Free APP from these links…