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Centro Europeu de Línguas

Centro Europeu de Línguas
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CENTRO EUROPEU DE LÍNGUAS provides courses in European languages within the perspective of citizenship and lifelong learning. Our courses are tailored to meet the specific learning needs of each student.

Over the last three decades, CENTRO EUROPEU DE LÍNGUAS has been responsible for the development of the language skills of children, young people and especially adults, as well as specialised professional language training. Our clients include numerous local and multinational companies and institutions from both the public and the private sector.

In this area of our work, language is approached as a specific communication skill which will directly influence the quality, and subsequently the results, of our students’ professional performance. We regularly provide specifically designed, specialised professional courses in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese as a Foreign Language, German and Italian, and can also provide solutions in Dutch, Russian, Arabic and Chinese.

The members of our team are able to ensure focused orientation and guidance so that students opt for the best solution in accordance with their respective language level, availability and specific learning needs, both cultural and professional.

All of the CENTRO EUROPEU DE LÍNGUAS teaching team hold appropriate qualification and certification for language teaching. In addition, our school is the only establishment officially accredited in Portugal to run Introductory Vocational Training for Language Teachers.

CENTRO EUROPEU DE LÍNGUAS has also participated regularly, since 1987, in EU training programmes such as Língua, Petra, Leonardo da Vinci Mobility (as promoter, intermediary and receiving organisation), Grundtvig and Leonardo Partnerships and Transfer of Innovation projects, as well as in the new Erasmus+ Programme. Our vocation for linking language skills with professional advancement has found a perfect match with the professional focus of learning in these programmes.

Our work with creative projects producing language learning materials for specific professional objectives was recognised through the award of the European Label for Innovative Initiatives in Language Teaching and Learning 2000.

We have also had the opportunity to participate in several learning partnerships, as part of the Grundtvig, Leonardo da Vinci and Erasmus Plus programmes.